Our Care Services

At Harrington Homecare we offer a range of care services for care in your own home.

Visiting Care

Harrington Homecare’s visiting care services enables your loved one to live a full and independent life within the comfort of their own home, your journey with our Harrington team will be built and tailored around your individual needs. your life, your choice, your way.

Dementia Care

Care services for dementia clients in their homes is often an overlooked alternative when considering care options, yet it is a viable and the preferred choice for most people with dementia when compared to moving into a care home.

Live-In Care

Harrington Homecare’s team of live-in care professionals provides round the clock care and support for your loved one all within the comfort and familiarity of home.

Specialist Care

Our care plans follow a social model of disability, exploring potential for change, focusing on goals and aspirations.

People are supported to express how they would like their care and assistance to be delivered by our service.

The emphasis is always on providing safe care services that respect a person’s right to take risks that they understand.

Companionship Care

Companionship care is a service providing companionship from a professional caregiver visiting an individual at home.

Companionship may be in the form of activities such as playing games, going out for walks, or helping with hobbies or crafts.

The care services provider may also provide mental and emotional support to the individual.

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