Specialist Care

Together we’re building a better way to work, and creating both a service and work culture that supports transparency, trust and inclusion

What is Specialist Care?

Our care plans follow a social model of disability, exploring potential for change, focusing on goals and aspirations.

People are supported to express how they would like their care and assistance to be delivered by our service.

The emphasis is always on providing safe care that respects a person’s right to take risks that they understand.

All clients are encouraged and given equal opportunity for active involvement in decisions about their care and support, keeping the wishes of the person at the centre of their personalised care and support plan, a plan that belongs to the individual and is focused on what’s important to that individual, keeping them in control of their care.

Supporting people to be involved in decisions about their care is reflected in our ethos, management, policies and care practices throughout our service.

People who use our service or their chosen representative are the experts by experience, so by bringing their knowledge and ideas, they give us a fresh perspective on how their particular needs for care and support can best be met.

This is reflected in every care plan, which documents a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social needs, and captures a person’s personal history, individual preferences, interests, and aspirations so that our clients have as much choice and control as possible.

Harrington Homecare are specialists in Palliative care, sometimes referred to as continuing health care, where a client has a long-term condition which is treatable however not curable, we will continually monitor the clients wellbeing and work closely in conjunction with other professionals in Health and Social care.

Clients prefer to stay in their own homes, with personal belongings, happy memories, beloved pets if they have any, with family members being able to visit and spend quality time freely.

Harrington Homecare will adapt the care and can react rapidly to changes in requirements or circumstances of the client, which will allow our clients to remain in their own home and give peace of mind to loved ones.

End of Life Care

Harrington Homecare, End-of-life care is a specific type of care a client will receive when the healthcare professionals agree there is no more treatment that can be given to sustain any quality of life, and the illness /condition is entering what is referred to or known as ‘End-of-life phase.’

Harrington Homecare will prepare a person-centred end of life care plan in partnership with the client, family and, or advocate and always works in collaboration with all other health professionals involved.

We all have the right to choose where we wish to spend the last days of our life, and many choose to remain at home in comfortable surroundings.

Harrington Homecare appreciates and respects a client’s religion, spirituality, culture, and the right to dignified care at this time of their lives and takes a holistic approach to our care.

Harrington Homecare will appoint a Senior Carer to lead a team of experienced carers, understanding of the emotions of family and friends at this difficult time.